The European Centre of Neurosciences (CEN)

Intensive therapeutic treatment

Intensive therapies, latest technologies and enriched environments.

Specialised medical treatment

Specialised medical care, cellular regeneration, neuromodulation

Research and training

It is necessary to continue to study and research this field of healthcare, in order to achieve the greatest possible advances

Integrative centre for neuroscience

We are not a conventional rehabilitation centre, rather we gather several neuroscience disciplines as we believe that in the field of neurorehabilitation

Family and social environment

When a person suffers a brain injury, the entire family and social structure may become affected. For this reason, we believe that the full inclusion of the patient and family members in treatment is essential to optimise results

Our facilities

Our centre is located only 9 km from the centre of Madrid, on the Northwest exit, in a privileged area that is exceptionally well communicated

Stories from our clients

The testimonies from our patients are extremely important for us, because they help us continuing improving
Jose and Cristina are excellent professionals and outstanding individuals able to direct and facilitate the patient’s progression. The path to recovery of your wellbeing can be tough, but with their help it will be more pleasurable and not seem as never-ending. Their involvement will help you feel more secure and supported and provide you with a greater determination to progress along the path. The help that they can provide in being able to manage your everyday life tasks, plus so many other things that I can’t even remember, but what I do remember is that they made me feel good and, because of this, I feel very thankful because they gave me the push that I needed

Jose Luis Hidalgo


We worked on my rehabilitation after stroke. It wasn't easy physically but very comfortable. You feel yourself not a patient, you feel like a normal person. These guys always try to help you to cheer up to find right words. They are professional

Tatiana Verbitskaya


Experts and proffesionals , with great passion for their work! I was lucky enough to come across him the 6 months I was hospitalized after a stroke. We worked together as a team and I was very fortunate to have regained all motor functions, both leg, arm and hand, on my hemiplegic side. They were crucial to me in both my physical and mental well-being during such events. They are very kind, hard working and honest persons and above all believers in positive outcome of their recovery approach. No doubt the best therapists I could have hoped for and came across during my long recovery.

Jose Fernandes


I have always felt very supported as a family member of a person with brain damage, as well as receiving both help and support in order to make our life easier. For myself, as the main caregiver, and for my son, as a patient, the care has always been very humane and in these very painful times, we deeply appreciate this because it is not always the case. I just want to say that they are both highly professional and even better people. Many thanks!

Luisa García


Cristina & Jose are the perfect therapists! Not only are they professional but they are kind, caring & compassionate. In there care, you are bound to come a long way in your rehabilitation

Namita Varma


My son Arturo began therapy without being able to sit up, stand and with no movement in his limbs. Nowadays, my son is able to sit, stand and walk in the Lokomat every day. These are excellent therapists who have become friends and who have displayed, above all, a great sense of humanity

Patricia Maldonado


I only have words of gratitude and affection. They have always conveyed strength, security and peace and a superior quality as both professionals and as people

Dolores Gómez