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Equipo CEN

The European Centre of Neurosciences (CEN)

The European Centre of Neurosciences (CEN) has been founded to meet current neurorehabilitation demands. After many years working and researching both in Spain and internationally (including Switzerland, Dubai, USA, UK, Indonesia and Central America).

We have realised that there is an urgent need for new neurorehabilitation centres which reflect the latest technologies in the field and are able integrate the disciplines and therapies that represent the future of neurorehabilitation treatments worldwide.

Via our extensive experience as professional therapists we have seen how patients who have suffered any damage to the central nervous system (stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumours, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson´s, spinal cord injuries, etc.) require full, integrative and intensive care in order to achieve optimal results for their recovery and an overall improvement to their quality of life.

A multidisciplinary and cohesive team is required, working together with humanity and empathy, while using the latest available technology and providing all the treatment possibilities that the patients deserve and require.

At the same time, recent scientific research has demonstrated that the development of more intensive protocols is necessary in order to ensure the most effective and efficient recovery for the patient.

Our team´s expertise

Our centre offers patients a highly qualified professional staff with extensive experience and training in the field of neurorehabilitation. Our team of professionals is formed by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists, doctors, engineers, etc. We are extensively trained and at the forefront of the field of neurorehabilitation, as we believe that highly qualified professionals can achieve the optimal results in their interventions.


Our international training and experience are unique. We attend the most prestigious international conferences and are in touch with the leading neurorehabilitation units of Europe, North America, Australia, etc. We also offer a care and rehabilitation service in several languages (Spanish, English, German…) with the possibility of a translator for other languages, if necessary (Russian, Arabic). We have the most highly experienced and trained team of professionals for the performance of treatment evaluations and programmes, both at our centre and at your home. The CVs of our professional team are available on our website.

Professional experience and skills

dr. Cristina y Jose

patient care


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Our Commitment


“To improve the lives of the people we work with and their families through the most effective neurorehabilitative therapies that exist worldwide, at any given time, and individualized and personalized care, with highly qualified professionals.”


“To be a reference neurorehabilitation center at a national and international level, based on a highly specialized and trained human team, as well as the latest generation methods and systems in rehabilitation, all to achieve the best rehabilitation experience for patients”


  • QUALITY: Offer the best treatments
  • INNOVATION: Offer the best cutting-edge technologies.
  • EMPATHY: Offer empathetic and respectful human treatment
  • TRANSPARENCY: Offer all the information about your status, prognosis and evolution
Compromiso CEN

To offer the best treatments, based on scientific evidence, the experience of our therapists and the preference of our patients (evidence based clinical practice).

To offer the most cutting-edge technologies and the very latest advances in neuroscience applied to rehabilitation after a brain injury or damage to the central nervous system.

To offer a humane, empathetic and respectful treatment, both for the patient as well as for the family. To help the person feel fulfilled during their stay at our centre.

To provide comprehensive feedback on the patient´s status, prognosis, and evolution, with empathy and objectivity, to help the patient and family make the best decisions.

To strive towards achieving the maximum potential of the patient. We aspire to overcome all “limits” that may have been placed on the patient’s recovery.

Madrid, a priviliged location

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the country´s most important city.

Spain is a unique country, number one in the global list of countries in the “index of competitively in travel and tourism” of the World Economic Forum, thanks to its unique cultural offer and natural resources, combining a robust structure of tourism services, connectivity of air transport and a strong political support.
Furthermore, Spain has also been designated as being the “most healthy nation in the world” by the World Economic Forum.

This designation is based on criteria such as the quality of food, the famous Mediterranean diet, a premium health service, with the best material and medical care, and a unique lifestyle, thanks to the climate and customs, all of which help make Spain the country with the second longest life expectancy in the world, which, according to experts, is anticipated to change to the longest life expectancy within a few years.

Know all that Madrid can offer you through the YouTube channel VisitMadrid

In the heart of the city

Our centre is located only 9 km from the centre of Madrid, on the Northwest exit, in a privileged area that is exceptionally well communicated.

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20 minutes by car from the Madrid airport

20 minutes by car from the Madrid airport

The closest hospital is 5 minutes away

The closest hospital is 5 minutes away

The closest hospital is 5 minutes away by car (Hospital de la Zarzuela). Other hospitals are less than 20 minutes’ distance

The mountains of Madrid and emblematic cities

The mountains of Madrid and emblematic cities

The mountains of Madrid and emblematic cities, such as Segovia, Toledo, Ávila: 1 hour by car or train.

The most important museums of Europe

The most important museums of Europe

The most important museums of Europe: 15 minutes away by car or public transport.

The most important museums of Europe

The most important museums of Europe

The most important museums of Europe: 15 minutes away by car or public transport.

15 minutes away from Real Madrid Stadium

15 minutes away from Real Madrid Stadium

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium of the Real Madrid CF: 15 minutes away by car.

25 minutes away from Atlético de Madrid Stadium

25 minutes away from Atlético de Madrid Stadium

The Wanda Metropolitan stadium, of the Atlético de Madrid: 25 minutes away by car

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