The European Centre of Neurosciences (CEN)

The European Centre of Neurosciences (CEN) has been founded to meet current neurorehabilitation demands. After many years working and researching both in Spain and internationally (including Switzerland, Dubai, USA, UK, Indonesia and Central America)
We have realised that there is an urgent need for new neurorehabilitation centres which reflect the latest technologies in the field and are able integrate the disciplines and therapies that represent the future of neurorehabilitation treatments worldwide.

Via our extensive experience as professional therapists we have seen how patients who have suffered any damage to the central nervous system (stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumours, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson´s, spinal cord injuries, etc.) require full, integrative and intensive care in order to achieve optimal results for their recovery and an overall improvement to their quality of life.

A multidisciplinary and cohesive team is required, working together with humanity and empathy, while using the latest available technology and providing all the treatment possibilities that the patients deserve and require.

At the same time, recent scientific research has demonstrated that the development of more intensive protocols is necessary in order to ensure the most effective and efficient recovery for the patient.