Stretch reflexes, stiffness and muscle architecture in cerebral palsy

Stretch reflexes, stiffness and muscle architecture in cerebral palsy

This presentation was part of the webminar titled “Recent evidence about spasticity and related concepts” and focuses on the cerebral palsy population.

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Dr. Lynn

Dr. Lynn Bar-On is a pediatric physical therapist who has worked in the Netherlands, Israel, and for an NGO in Calcutta, India, before obtaining a grant to study Rehabilitation Sciences with a specialization in Pediatrics at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven).

In 2014, she completed a PhD in Biomedical Sciences on the topic of instrumented spasticity assessment in children with spastic cerebral palsy. She was then awarded grants from the Dutch and Flemish governments to carry out her post-doctoral work at the department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres. Since February 2021, Lynn is assistant professor at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium. Lynn’s main scientific research aims to uncover the intricate relations between alterations in the central nervous system and those in the musculoskeletal system that develop due to cerebral palsy. By performing rigorous assessments to analyse how individuals with cerebral palsy respond to available treatments, her ultimate goal is to personalize treatment thereby improving its success.



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