Work Model CEN

Intensive Therapeutic Treatment

We offer a specialised treatment with the needs of each patient in mind, therefore, we design an individual programme in order to work at each patient’s maximal capacity. We integrate intensity and the latest technologies within a stimulating and enriching environment, providing care that makes the most of each person’s potential.

Besides intensive treatment at the clinic, we offer intensive, specialised, and individualised treatments at the patient’s home. If required, we can also train other therapists who will continue the patient’s treatment at their home and we perform regular monitoring via videoconferences (tele rehabilitation).

Specialised Medical Treatment

Specialised medical care, cellular regeneration, neuromodulation.

Our centre has a medical team comprising the necessary disciplines that conform the field of neurorehabilitation, such as: neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, endocrinology, and internal medicine, as well as a team that is specialised in the latest advances in cellular regeneration therapies and neuromodulation.

Research and Training

Following the US-based model of neurorehabilitation, we believe that it is necessary to continue to study and research this field of healthcare, in order to achieve the greatest possible advances. Therefore, at our centre, research and teaching go hand in hand, as two basic pillars which contribute towards the best possible result in our treatments. We are a centre of reference for training in intensive therapies in neurorehabilitation, evidence based therapies and latest technologies.

We collaborate with rehabilitation technology companies as expert trainers and/or consultors (Hocoma, Virtualrehab, Corehab, Fesia Technology), as well as with international institutions for research projects (European Stroke Organization). Additionally, we are members of the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation (WFNR).

Integrative Centre for Neuroscience

We are not a conventional rehabilitation centre, rather we gather several neuroscience disciplines as we believe that in the field of neurorehabilitation, having a multidisciplinary team is an added value, as this guarantees the excellence of the services we provide.

Systems for the measurement, analysis and instrumentalisation of advanced technology.

Neurofunctional assessment studies (network studies or connectomics).

Programme for the prevention of decline and the improvement of quality of life in people with dementia.

Family and Social Environment

When a person suffers a brain injury, the entire family and social structure may become affected. For this reason, we believe that the full inclusion of the patient and family members in treatment is essential to optimise results.

The presence of family members during therapy is always welcome, and the reports and advances in treatment are available both for the patient and the family member on a weekly basis or at any time upon demand.

There is also the possibility of coordinating and managing other external medical appointments and tests at different clinics/hospitals in Madrid.

Besides covering rehabilitation needs, we design programmes for leisure and entertainment so that our patients and family members can maximise their time outside their therapy sessions.

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